A corporate crisis can affect anyone. Especially in economically difficult times, valid long-term forecasts are often no longer possible. Contradictory signals from politics and volatile markets suddenly put concepts that were viable for years and considered future-proof into question.
If such developments are not recognised early enough and dealt with precisely, companies can quickly find themselves in troubled waters and face the threat of insolvency. This applies particularly to companies that were still healthy and well positioned in the market at the beginning of the year.
To prevent this from happening in the first place, efficient and accurate risk management is essential. It is important to understand and recognise the company as a developing organism. This is the only way to respond in a controlled way to economically difficult times. With the COVID-19 pandemic still prevalent, it is possible that, despite such measures, companies could come under pressure and become a case of reorganisation. In this case quick and expert help is required. We offer you all the expertise you need to assess the current situation and evaluate it under one roof. Our goal is long-term, structural recovery and restructuring. Our reorganisation consultancy helps you to recognise structural weaknesses and, on the other hand, to identify and leverage hidden potential.
Specialised lawyers and tax advisors are always available to assist you. This guarantees short distances, ensures complete integrity at all times and creates space for what is important to you: effective and efficient advice in terms of the best possible result.

We work hand in hand - with you and for you:

– Range of services within the scope of reorganisation consulting –

Step 1


The basis of any sound reorganisation process is always mutual discussion. You explain your current situation to us. A good preparation and communication avoids already here unnecessary costs and non-targeted efforts. Based on this we will work out first steps with you.

Step 2


The next step is to build up a portfolio of solutions. You can rely on many years of experience and exact business calculations. In this way we understand the company as an independent organism and at the same time provide you with valid facts.

Step 3


We present our assessment to you together with a catalogue of measures tailored to you and your situation. You remain in control at all times and are in contact with us during the entire renovation process. Top priority is always given to avoiding insolvency, keeping the company going and securing jobs.

Step 4


After the concept has been approved by you, however, our work does not end. We will of course support you in the implementation of the measures and, with your consent, take over the communication with relevant partners and stakeholders of the company. So you can concentrate fully on the work in the company and we will do the rest.

Our promise to you

Our philosophy for your refurbishment consultancy

The reorganisation and restructuring of a company is a complex and profound process. We offer you everything you need – fair and absolutely transparent.


We work together with you. At eye level and professional.


Transparent cost structure

We communicate every step with you. You have full cost control.



Our goal is your long-term success. We work with you for your company.


Make an appointment now and we will start the renovation consultation immediately!

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