“From 1 March to 30 September 2020, companies whose insolvency maturity (insolvency or over-indebtedness) was based on the effects of the Corona pandemic and which had prospects of eliminating an existing insolvency were exempted from the obligation to file for insolvency. Even in the case of insolvency applications filed by creditors, it was assumed that the reason for opening insolvency proceedings already existed on 1 March 2020, i.e. before the corona pandemic. Since 1 October, an application for insolvency is again mandatory in the event of insolvency; in the event of over-indebtedness, the exemption initially continues to apply until the end of the year”.

– Federal Statistical Office, Press Release No. 394, 8 October 2020

The chart opposite shows that the current pandemic and the associated economic crisis have not yet been reflected in rising insolvency figures for companies. The suspension of the obligation to file for insolvency has resulted in far fewer insolvencies being filed in the recent past than was usual in the relevant period. With 1369 insolvencies nationwide in July 2020, according to the Federal Statistical Office in its press release No. 394 of 8 October 2020, 16.7% fewer corporate insolvencies were reported than in the same month of the previous year. Compared to September 2019, this September’s figure even decreased by 34.5%.
Since the corresponding regulation expired on 30 September 2020, a significant increase in the number of insolvency applications can be expected in future. The exact impact will become apparent in the coming days and weeks. We will of course keep you up to date.

If you have identified crisis characteristics in your company in the past or if the current situation puts you under increasing pressure,consult us and together we will develop a concept for you and your company.


shortened residual debt discharge for all – from 01.10.2020:

Aufgrund der aktuellen Korona-Krise hat die Bundesregierung bereits im Sommer 2020 beschlossen, dass ab 1. Oktober die Restschuldbefreiung aller Schuldnerinnen und Schuldner auf 3 Jahre reduziert wird. This means for you: All debtors who have filed for insolvency after 1 October 2020 will be released from their debts after 3 years, regardless of whether 35% of insolvency claims have been repaid.

Obligation to file for insolvency in the Corona crisis:

In principle, the representative of a legal entity (e.g.: AG or GmbH) is obliged to file for insolvency.
Under the Act on the Temporary Suspension of the Obligation to File for Insolvency and on the Limitation of Organ Liability in the Event of Insolvency Caused by the COVID 19 Pandemic (COVInsAG), the obligation to file for insolvency was suspended retroactively as of 1 March 2020 until 30 September 2020. Now a law has come into force which extends the suspension of insolvency until 31.12.2020.
The suspension of the obligation to file an application presupposes that the insolvency maturity is based on the effects of the Corona crisis.
However, the extended suspension until 31.12.2020 only applies to companies that are over-indebted due to the pandemic. This means that insolvent companies will again be obliged to file for insolvency from 1.10.2020. The reason for this is as follows: In the case of over-indebted companies, there is still the possibility of averting insolvency, whereas insolvent companies can no longer pay their debts and insolvency can no longer be averted permanently.
The purpose of suspensions is to avoid that companies have to file for bankruptcy simply because the state aid due cannot be paid in time.

Subsidies and aids

Here you will find the most common bridging aids and subsidies from the Federal Government and the Länder.

Extraordinary economic aid of about 15 billion euros will be provided by the federal government for the self-employed and firms severely affected by the partial shutdown closures. As part of the November assistance, those affected will be supported with grants amounting to 75% of their average turnover in November 2019.
Not only directly affected enterprises are eligible to apply, but also indirectly affected enterprises if they regularly achieve 80% of their turnover in cooperation with directly affected enterprises.
The application is now possible and can be made in a simplified manner via the bridging assistance platform by tax advisors, lawyers, sworn accountants or auditors. First payments on account are already possible at the end of the current month.
In addition, in a press release dated 27.11.2020, the Federal Government assures that under the December assistance, this support will be extended and grants of up to 75% of the turnover from the same month of the previous year can also be applied for in December. The application for this is currently being prepared.


1st KfW Special Programme 2020 Rapid Loan with Indemnification (078) – For SMEs

  • Criteria:strong, span,
    Companies with more than 10 employees, at least since 01/2019 on the market;
    Prerequisite: They have last made a profit – either in 2019 or on average over the last 3 years
  • Form of financing:strong, span,
    Supporting loan for purchases and running costs
    – 100% risk assumption by KfW
    – no risk assessment by your bank
    – Max. Credit amount: up to 3 months turnover in 2019

    Companies with up to 50 employees receive max. 500.000 Euro
    Companies with more than 50 employees receive max. 800.000 Euro
  • see also:strong, span,

2nd KfW Special Programme 2020 KfW Entrepreneur Loan (037)
2.1. KfW Special Programme 2020 Unternehmerkredit KMU Unternehmerkredit (047)

3rd KfW Special Programme 2020 Start-up Loan Universal without exemption from liability (073)
3.1. KfW Special Programme 2020 Start-up Loan Universal SME without indemnification (074)

  • Criteria:strong, span,
    Less than 5 years on the market, large companies (073)span,
    – Less than 5 years on the market, SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) (074)
  • Form of financing:strong, span,
    Kredit, up to 100% of eligible costs will be financed
  • see also:strong, span,
    – https://www.kfw.de/74

4th KfW Special Programme 2020 Start-up Loan Universal HF with indemnification (075)
4.1. KfW Special Programme 2020 Start-up Loan Universal KMU HF with indemnification (076)

  • Criteria:strong, span,
    Less than 5 years on the market, but more than 3 years, large companies (075)span,
    – Less than 5 years on the market, but more than 3 years SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) (076)
  • Form of financing:strong, span,
  • see also:strong, span,
    https://www.kfw.de/75 strong, span,

5th KfW Special Programme 2020 Rapid Loan with Indemnification (078)

  • Criteria:strong, span,
    Companies with more than 10 full-time employees
  • Form of financing:strong, span,
  • see also:strong, span,

6. participation start-ups / small enterprises (Corona)

7. digital now

  • criteria:
    – Module 1: Investment in digital technology (in particular hardware and software, processes, and IT security and data protection)
    – Module 2: Qualification of employees with regard to digitisation (only by certified providers)
    (especially in the development and implementation of a digital strategy in the company as well as in IT security and data protection, but also fundamentally on digital working and the necessary basic skills.
  • Form of financing:
    The grant is awarded as a non-repayable subsidy (project funding) in the form of partial financing. In order to limit the negative effects of the corona pandemic, the funding rate for all applications received by 30 June 2021 is set at up to 50 percent plus eligible bonus percentage points. For applications received after 1 July 2021, a funding quota of up to 40 percent plus eligible bonus percentage points has been set.
  • see also:strong, span,

1. guarantee programme – individual guarantee

2. promotional loans for short-term liquidity needs, fact sheet on Corona’s offers of assistance

3. liquidity loan plus and liquidity loan

4. mezzanine participation programme (Corona)

1st Bayernfonds

  • Criteria:strong, span,
    Stabilisation of economic enterprises in liquidity bottleneck due to the corona pandemic
  • Financing forms:strong, span,
    Guarantee or participation
  • see also:strong, span,

2nd equity capital shield for medium-sized companies in Bavaria (Corona)

3rd Startup Shield Bavaria (Corona)

  • Criteria:strong, span,
    Support for start-ups and small medium-sized companies that have run into liquidity problems due to the Corona crisis
  • Forms of financing:strong, span,
    – Participation / convertible loan (standard)span,
    – Individual case: direkte Beteiligungspan,
    – With simultaneous participation of a private lead investor: pari passu
  • see also:strong, span,

4. corona LfA fast loan (LS1)

  • Criteria:strong, span,
    Support for micro-enterprises with up to 10 employees that have temporarily run into financing difficulties as a result of the Corona crisis
  • Financing forms:strong, span,
    Kredit span,
    100 % risk assumption by the Free State of Bavaria, no risk assessment
  • see also:strong, span,

5. corona protection screen loan (CS5)
5.1. Corona protective screen credit (CS6)

  • Criteria:strong, span,
    companies (up to 50 million turnover) and freelancers who are in economic distress due to corona crisis (CS5)span,
    – companies (up to 500 million turnover) and freelancers who are in economic distress due to corona crisis (CS6)
  • forms of financing:strong, span,
  • see also:strong, span,

1. corona aid for start-ups / Berlin Mezzanine

2. emergency aid commercial rents (Corona aid)

3. bridging and emergency programmes Berlin

4. emergency aid V (Corona)

  • Criteria:strong, span,
    Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as defined by the EU and members of the liberal professions. span,
    (min. 11/max. 100 employees)
  • Financing measures:strong, span,
    Subsidy –Probably still possible until 31.12.2020span,
    “Soforthilfe V” at a glancespan,
    – Repayment subsidies for the KfW Quick Loan 2020 or a loan from the KfW Special Programme 2020 up to 20% of the total loan amountspan,
    – Subsidies for operating material and financial expenses up to 25. 000 EUR (in justified exceptional cases also more)span,
    – only digital applications

  • see also:strong, span,

1. state guarantee of Brandenburg (with Corona)

2. guarantee classic

1. bridging aid Bremen

  • Criteria:strong,
    Small and medium-sized enterprises and organisations from all economic sectors, unless they qualify for the Economic Stabilisation Fund, solo self-employed persons, self-employed members of the liberal professions in their main occupation, non-profit enterprises and organisations which are permanently economically active on the market
  • Financing forms:strong,
  • see also:strong,

2. BBB special programme – 2020

  • Criteria:strong,
    Eligible to apply are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) according to the relevant EU definition.
  • forms of financing:strong,
  • see also:strong,

1st BG-Aval! (with Corona help)

  • Criteria:strong,
    Small and medium-sized companies
    – industries: Craft, Service, Trade, Film industry
    – Employees: Max. 249
  • forms of financing:strong,
  • see also:strong,

2nd Corona Emergency Aid Hamburg – innovative business start-ups

  • Criteria:span, span, strong,
    Employees in full-time equivalents; managing partners are among the employees, part-time employees are to be converted into full-time employees.
    Corona Soforthilfe – Modul innovative Startups (HCS InnoStartup) can be used in addition to Hamburger Corona Soforthilfe (HCS).
  • Financing forms:strong,
    Subsidy strong,
    Attention, the programme is closed – applications were only possible until 30.06.2020!
  • see also:strong,

3rd Hamburg-Kredit Liquidity (Corona)

  • Criteria:strong,
    – Small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups, self-employed and members of the liberal professions
    – Social enterprises, non-profit or charitable organisations and associations
    – Industry, liberal professions and agriculture
  • forms of financing:strong,
    Kredit, guarantee
  • see also:strong,

4th Corona Recovery Fund (CRF) – venture capital

  • Criteria:strong,
    Innovative start-ups and growth-oriented small medium-sized companies, including
    – technologically innovative start-ups
    – young, innovative companies with non-technological products, services and products
    – Process and business model innovations
    – other growth-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises
    – Employees: Max. 50
  • Forms of financing:strong,
    participation, venture / risk capital
  • siehe auch:strong,

1. hesse Capital with liquidity participation

2. express guarantee (with Corona aid)

3. Hesse microliquidity

  • Criteria:strong, span,
    – 3,000 euros to 35,000 euros, no standard bank security span,
    For start-ups and young companies to close their financing gap.span,
    – Supplementary loan for small companies and solo self-employed persons, liquidity requirements due to the current corona crisis
  • Financing forms:strong, span,
  • see also:strong, span,

4. liquidity support for SMEs in Hessen

1st BMV liquidity 100 % (corona)

2. avoiding liquidity bottlenecks (corona)

1. new start Lower Saxony investment (Corona)

2. corona guarantee 100/10

3rd guarantee – NBB classic

4. Lower Saxony fast loan (Corona)

5th NBB Combi

1st start-up scholarship NRW

  • Criteria:strong, span,
    Natural persons, micro enterprises with up to 9 employees
  • Financing forms:strong, span,
  • see also:strong, span,

1. NRW.BANK.Infrastructure (with Corona assistance)

3. NRW.Start-up acute (Corona aid)

4. immediate guarantee NRW

5. NRW.Bank Universal Loan

1 Corona Emergency Aid Credit RLP – Non-Profit Organisations

  • Criteria:strong, span,
    for non-profit organisations and companies regardless of size, legal form and sponsorship
    – Maximum loan amount of 800 TEUR per organisation
    – Final borrower interest rate fixed 1.50% p. a.
    – 100% exemption from liability for the on-lending credit institution
  • Financing forms:strong, span,
  • see also:strong, span,

2. guarantee Classic

1. aid for small and medium-sized enterprises Corona

  • Criteria:strong,
    Companies and members of the liberal professions
  • Financing forms:span, span, strong,
    Attention – application deadline ended on 31.05.2020, but the Federal Government is launching further corona aid as part of its economic stimulus and crisis management package.
  • see also:strong,

2nd Corona Small Businesses Emergency Aid Saarland

1 Corona immediate credit Saarland

1. training grant (Corona)

2nd Saxony helps immediately (Corona Aid)

3. microloans

4th GRW Saxony subordinated loan

1. guarantee bank Saxony-Anhalt

  • Criteria:strong,
    Strengthening the willingness of companies to invest through a simplified procedure for financing small-scale lending
  • forms of financing:strong,
  • see also:strong,

2. Saxony-Anhalt future loans (Corona aid)

3. Saxony-Anhalt Future Loan SME / Joint Venture (Corona)

1st IB.SH Small Business Protection Fund

2nd IB.SH Hardship Fund Mittestand (Corona)

3. special participation programme SH (Corona)

1. corona 800 loan for SMEs

Do you need assistance with your application or would you like to know which programme is suitable for you? We provide assistance nationwide!

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