-Taking new directions together with you –

Our core competence in rehabilitation consulting

The current situation demands a lot from you. We know this. More than ever, we as restructuring consultants are striving to show you and your company innovative ways to survive this crisis. Because in economically difficult times, what is needed above all is determination. Decisions have to be made and concepts have to be developed. Our restructuring advice helps not only during, but also before and after the actual crisis. This is the only way to ensure that you have the control during a restructuring and are able to make decisions and take action.

Questions that we will discuss with you in this context include:

  • What measures must be taken in the short term to avert damage to the company?
  • Where do your potentials lie and how can they be raised?
  • How might the business and its values need to be rethought to be effective in the medium term?
  • What needs to be done today to secure the business model in the long term?

Of course we develop appropriate concepts with you for each of these and all emerging issues and provide you with methods and data to measure them effectively and to monitor them in the future. This means you always have a complete overview and can take targeted and effective countermeasures with individual, tailor-made measures to prevent future crises as they arise. Your stakeholders are involved in this process and thus strengthen their trust in you.

Cash and cash flow

Reducing liabilities and optimising existing cash and working capital holdings is just as important as structuring future payment and transaction flows. Together with you, we develop the most efficient distribution for you, find out where the most capital is tied up and develop concepts to increase your cash flow in the future.

Reorganisation and communication

Crises and economically uncertain times often mean that existing obligations can no longer be met, or can only be met in part. This adds to the pressure and weakens the basis of trust between the company and its stakeholders. Here, we provide you with concrete support by working with you to design concepts for credit and refinancing modalities and create transparency vis-à-vis your stakeholders. This strengthens the confidence of your creditors in you and, on top of that, your financial situation.

Operational rehabilitation

If a state of crisis has already manifested itself in your company, for example through a decline in customer demand or lower margins, you need to act quickly and decisively. It is important to quickly uncover inefficiencies and redevelop them so that your costs decrease and your ability to act increases. In addition to liquidity, we also keep an eye on your productivity and your stakeholders. You rely on an all-encompassing intervention that keeps your back free for your operational tasks.

What needs to be considered?

An efficient and open-ended restructuring consultation can only take place if crises are recognised and communicated early enough and comprehensively. The sooner the first signs of a crisis are identified and the sooner a response is made, the broader and more comprehensive the catalogue of measures. It makes perfect sense to seek external help in the form of restructuring advice at the first sign of trouble. A trained view from the outside can, together with you, treat any dangers early on and thus effectively mitigate them.
So if you suspect danger or are already in rough waters, consult external help. This saves time – and costs.

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